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Full copy of all your data !

User error ? Hardware failure ? Nothing terrible you have a plan B !


Web Server

A proven and reliable web server is the foundation's website or store and its location in Poland guarantees the best parameters for such services. Therefore, this issue should not be guided exclusively by the price of the service. Take a proven and reliable provider. It is hard to talk about savings when you buy a service "cheap" most of the time not available or an emergency !

I offer its customers the services of an experienced and proven Operator web host which undoubtedly Company IBC.PL Polska. Servers are located in professional data center in Poland, which is ensured constantly highest quality Internet connections, and reliable operation. Daily backup of all data stored on the server gives me and my customers are able to restore them in any situation. I offer a full and professional support and help for the server configuration, I also help to set up e-mail and popular email programs.

Serwery WWW - Hosting Stron Internetowych

Why these servers ?

The data center in Poland
Efficient and reliable servers located exclusively in Poland. Currently, this solution guarantees the best parameters of hosting service - as opposed to servers located abroad (Germany, Netherlands, USA).
Daily backup
Technical assistance
Secure and reliable infrastructure

The systematic backup copy of all data on the server !

On servers daily at night is executed copy of all data stored on the server. This backup gives you a possibility to restore them in the event of removal or damage.

Shared Server / VPS / Dedicated Server

Everyone needs something different. Check which differ from each other on the market offer web hosting.
Rodzaje Serwerów www - Hostingu
It is a VPS or dedicated server whose resources are shared with other users. Each user is assigned such a server disk capacity and limit CPU usage which in most stands at 5%. In this model, shared with other users is not only disk space but also CPU power, memory, and software. It is the most popular server on the market and also the cheapest.

In conclusion shared hosting are:

  • service recommended for small businesses, private websites
  • constant assistance and administration of qualified personnel 24/7
  • relatively low cost - less than 1000 zł per year
  • Tłumacz Google
    server is fully configured and ready for operation (panel management software installed, mail, MySQL, PHP, DNS, etc.)
This is a separate part of the virtual physical machine, which is the server. In this model, the server receive a certain part of server resources depending on the chosen by us server version. A decisive advantage of VPS is independent of other users software (PHP) and the operating system. It should be noted that the VPS allows full access to the root account and allocated resources are guaranteed. The downside is only the dependence on the physical machine whose failure causes the inaction of our VPS'a.

In summary server VPS are:
  • guaranteed power a server (server parameters, select the contract)
  • the ability to install and configure PHP and other applications according to our needs due to users independent of other software
  • guarantee reliability SLA - offered by the best companies on the market
  • relatively low cost - less than 1000 zł per month
  • server for small and medium business and expanded online store
This server for one particular recipient, offered by hosting companies. On the server, the client can install their own software and configurable default installed and configured operating system or install your choice. In this model we have available the full power of computing the physical machine (server), its use is more expensive but in return we get a great computing power and independence of the environment and the machine.
In summary Dedicated Server (Self Colocation) are:
  • guarantee high reliability
  • great computing power
  • the independence of hardware and software
  • full access to the root account
  • the ability to create VPS
  • Tłumacz Google
    server recommended for large companies, portals and highly sophisticated online stores

Web servers with optional Multi PHP

Summary hosting offer

Economic line

Server Starter

67zł netto

  • 10-day test period
  • FTP: 35 GB
  • Mail: 40 GB
  • Transfer: 20 GB
  • Multi PHP
  • Domains: unlimited
  • E-mail accounts: 300
  • E-mail Aliases: 300
  • Number of MySQL databases: 75
  • CRON: 75
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backup: 100%

Server Optima

74zł netto

  • 10-day test period
  • FTP: 50 GB
  • Mail: 50 GB
  • Transfer: 25 GB
  • Multi PHP
  • Domains: unlimited
  • E-mail accounts: 400
  • E-mail Aliases: 400
  • Number of MySQL databases: 100
  • CRON: 100
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backup: 100%

Professional line

Server Maxima

278zł netto

  • 10-day test period
  • FTP: 150 GB
  • Mail: 150 GB
  • Transfer: unlimited
  • Multi PHP
  • Domains: unlimited
  • E-mail accounts: 800
  • E-mail Aliases: 800
  • Number of MySQL databases: 200
  • CRON: 200
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backup: 100%

Server MegaMail

436zł netto

  • 10-day test period
  • FTP: 250 GB
  • Mail: 250 GB
  • Transfer: unlimited
  • Multi PHP
  • Domains: unlimited
  • E-mail accounts: 2000
  • E-mail Aliases: 2000
  • Number of MySQL databases: 500
  • CRON: 500
  • SSH: Yes
  • Backup: 100%

Server Selection

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